G4 Analytics

G4 Analytics provides an industry-leading 360-degree feedback solution for organizations and projects of all sizes. Our platform is simple to use, adaptable, and affordable. With our online platform, you may conduct 360 degree feedback with least work and maximum impact. The entire process is streamlined and automated.

We provide pre-defined questions as well as a statistically validated and benchmarked general leadership model. Alternatively, you can use our 360 program to import your own survey template or competency model.


Optimize Your Sales Performance

G4 Revenue Management & Optimization (RMO) is the only cloud-based analytics solution designed to optimize the consumer goods sales process end-to-end. We help you plan smarter, execute faster and sell more.

Strategic Planning

Tactical Planning

Promotion Funds Management

Retail Execution

Post Event Analytics

G4 RMO is a secure, easy to access and cost-effective Cloud solution – which means deployment is fast, with easy self-service management and no local IT footprint or hardware investment needed.

Scenario-based Optimization includes predictive models and embedded analytics – helping your teams build the most efficient sales plans possible. Seamless Data Integration capabilities support Master Data Management, ERP connectivity and Retailer and Syndicated Data Adaptors.

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If you want to learn more on how you can optimize sales through intelligent planning or excellence in execution drop us an e-mail at [email protected].